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Our Politics

Judy and Rep. Holtorf 600 x 480.jpg

With Representative Richard Holtorf (R), celebrating the passage of HB22-1268, a bipartisan bill to increase Colorado's mental health workforce through reforms to Medicaid.

Progress and Pragmatism


The vast majority of legislation I sponsored earned bipartisan support in the Colorado Assembly, proving that it’s possible to be simultaneously strongly progressive and pragmatic. 

For example, when I proposed major changes to the insurance claims process for people who lose their homes in a wildfire, I was told it would be impossible to gain the support of the insurance industry, without which the bill could not succeed. 

But by bringing all stakeholders to the table early and often, considering all good ideas, and negotiating with both intensity and good faith, we passed HB22-1111 with the support of the insurance industry. The bill provides major improvements for policyholders who lose everything in a wildfire, while ensuring insurance remains affordable and available in our state.

One stakeholder in the process said about my work:

“Your tenacity, commitment, hard work and speed at solving the problem is beyond impressive.  When I raised the issues I was seeing on East Troublesome claims at the town hall meeting last summer, I would have never in a million years imagined that legislative change would be legislated in less than a year.”

In every effort, my goal is to lead with empathy and intelligence, while insisting on progress. 

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