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Our Safety


With my co-sponsor on HB21-1298, Rep. Steve Woodrow.

Gun Laws Save Lives


After the King Soopers shooting in Boulder, we worked hard to pass a package of innovative gun safety measures in Colorado. These became strong laws that are already saving lives.  I plan to bring additional gun safety legislation forward in the 2023 Assembly.  

Reforms work. A recent report by 9News on Colorado's innovative Red Flag law shows that it is working as intended.

Gun safety reforms I have sponsored and/or supported include:

  • HB21-1298: Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements

  • HB22-1086:  Vote Without Fear Act

  • HB21-1299: Office Of Gun Violence Prevention

  • SB21-256: Local Regulation Of Firearms

  • HB21-1106: Safe Storage Of Firearms

  • SB21-078: Lost Or Stolen Firearms

  • HB21-1255: Protection Order Issued Against Domestic Abuser

Additionally, as a member of the State of Affairs Committee, I have worked to defeat dangerous GOP bills that would weaken our protection against gun violence, including:

  • HB21-1038: Allowing Guns On School Grounds – DEFEATED

  • HB21-1070: Ending the High Capacity Magazine Ban – DEFEATED

  • HB21-1082: Weakening the Background Check System – DEFEATED

  • HB21-1098: Weakening Extreme Risk Protection Orders – DEFEATED

  • HB21-1185: Repealing Firearms Training During an Emergency – DEFEATED

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